HYPERREALITY - Beyond the Horizon where Physics Meets Consciousness

  • How should we approach life and its challenges? Are they real?

  • What do we really know about reality?

  • What is the connection between reality and consciousness?

  • Do we live in a simulation? 


HYPERREALITY is a book about the nature of our reality and the hypotheses we have made about it through the centuries. Johanna Blomqvist, PhD describes many cases and research experiments that will puzzle your mind. Our reality seems to be something other than what the current prevailing model which guides our life suggests. 


It is time to understand our effect on physical reality and move to a new era, beyond materialism. You exist — dive into hyperreality, in which you are a significant participant!



“Johanna Blomqvist’s Hyperreality is a timely reminder of the challenges and limits of science. Although modern science has been able to produce accurate models and theories, it has failed to connect human and consciousness to the reality described by the theories. 


Blomqvist’s positive perspective, physicist’s theoretical knowledge combined with her own experiences and insights, and many surprising cases of practical experiments, challenges both the private truth seeker and the specialist of natural sciences. Using Aristotle’s words: ‘Every man wants to know.’”


- Tuomo Suntola, PhD, physicist, Millennium technology prize winner 2018


The book launching event of Hypertodellisuus @ Helsinki Bookhouse on Nov 26th, 2020.