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Self Healing - Learn the Core of Energy Healing - online course

NOTE! The course will be available later 2021.

In this Self-Healing online course we will concentrate on the core of energy healing.

You will learn what is the "energy" of energy healing and how to do self-healing. Focus on the course is on your wellbeing and spiritual development. 

Self-Healing is maybe the most important part of the energy healing. During the course you will learn the basic exercises to master the core of energy healing. You will concentrate on letting go of the unnecessary or harmful beliefs. You will learn to be more present and to do energy healing in practice. The goal of the course is to find a better connection to your inner self.

The online course is based on the book "From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing" by Ph.D. Johanna Blomqvist and on the conclusions presented in the book. In the book, Johanna tells about her journey into the world of energy healing. As a physicist, Johanna also discusses about the science and quantum physics: doesn't modern science rule out phenomena like this? Read more about the book here.

"When I learnt energy healing and Reiki, I found Self-Healing so important and revolutionary tool, that I wanted to make this course. Self-Healing was a "portal" to me to understand also meditation. Self-Healing is still important for me, I think every energy healer should do it regularly!"  

- Ph.D. Johanna Blomqvist

This course is for you who want to familiarize yourself with energy healing. This course is also suitable for a more advanced energy healer, giving new tools and perspectives. 


Self-Healing is an important part of many Eastern wellbeing traditions, such as Reiki's natural energy healing method, which originates from Japan. According to Reiki teachings:

”To be able to take care of others, you first need to take care of yourself.”


Welcome to Self-Healing online course!



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Self-Healing online course is meant for you, who

  • Want to learn being present in a new way

  • Need new energy to your life

  • Want to overcome stress

  • Have health problems and would like to do something more

  • Would like to find a new perspective to your life

  • Want to challenge your thinking and beliefs

  • Would like to know, how energy healing affects

  • Are interested in energy healing and don't know how to begin

  • Already do energy healing, e.g. reiki, and would need extra support

Self-Healing course in practice:

The course is meant to be done in your own pace. You can start at any time. My suggestion is that you could use at least one week to one part of the course. However, do listen to yourself and continue when it feels best for you, to get all the benefits of the course. You will get the access to all parts of the course already in the beginning of the course.


After purchasing the course, you will get a link to page where you will find the material. The material is video recordings.

Self-Healing online course: 65€ (incl. VAT) 

After purchasing the course you will get the link to the course page to your email.

The course registration opens here


Welcome to Self-Healing online course to learn the core of energy healing with me!


Love and Light to you All!

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Your teacher on this Self-Healing course is Ph.D., physicist, Reiki Master, energy healing teacher and author Johanna Blomqvist.

Johanna has written a book From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing (available in English and in Finnish). Johanna's new book Hyper-Reality is coming out in the end of 2020.

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Feedback from the course (Finnish version):

"I am now more energetic than ever before! I have a feeling that I understand myself better. These skills should be taught already in school!"

"It is nice to listen to Johanna's voice. My favorites are relaxation exercises, I fall asleep evenings when doing them. I have a feeling that this course has opened my eyes to see a totally new reality."

"Thank you Johanna! It was a pleasure to notice that even for an experienced energy therapist there was something new in this course. Johanna's approach as a doctor of physics was interesting and inspiring. The exercises and doing them together on the course seem to strengthen the connection to my own innermost being."

"I was in Johanna's Reiki course and this Self-Healing course supports it really well. Self-Healing is an amazing tool! Now I plan to continue with the Remote Healing online course. I am really looking forward to it!"

I have I studied natural sciences in university and I have to say that I am really sceptical regarding to spirituality and all experiences. I read your book (Thank you!) and decided to take this course as a test (still sceptical). I don’t know what has happened now during the course. I notice things I haven’t noticed before. I am at the same time excited and surprised, still skeptical. I'll have to come back later, this needs to be digested a bit. I will also do more exercises as you advised. However, I can already say that self-healing has become a my new tool. Thank you, approaches like this to these topics are needed. It is important that you as a Doctor of Physics and as a Master of Reiki share this information to others!

Thank you for the course! I would like more courses like this, in which a person with a scientific background shares his or her knowledge. I liked that the videos were clear. At times, I would have liked more background for exercises and science, but this course was perhaps more meant for hands-on practice. Johanna has a nice, calm voice, I would have liked to listen more those relaxation recordings. 

"On aika ymmärtää oma merkityksemme ja vaikutuksemme todellisuuteen."

-FT Johanna Blomqvist