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Next session is on October, 25th, 2021 (join the newsletter list to know when). Use time zone converter to see how much that is where you are currently. This session is free of charge.


At your home or wherever you are. Preferably, try to be in relaxing environment laying down or sitting. There is no broadcast or phone call, just simply laying down or sitting in a peaceful place.


To help you wherever you need it. The Group Remote Healing session is organized free of charge so that anyone could afford to attend it. You can read more about my personal remote healing sessions from here

My wish is to be able to understand more especially the difference between group and personal remote healing sessions. Therefore, I will send you a link to survey after the session. Please also note that group and personal remote healing sessions seem to differ, as well as local and remote healing sessions, and therefore I recommend that you try personal remote healing session, too. For some, personal remote healing sessions are more effective, for some, group remote healing or local energy healing.


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When Group Remote Healing session begins...
  • Remind yourself, what is your intention. What do you want that happens? E.g. In case you have a soar knee, don't wish healing for you knee, but instead, wish the things you can do after your knee has healed. Do you wish to be able to jog again? Or do tennis? In your mind, ask that it happens. You can write down your intention.

  • Preferably, try to be in relaxing environment laying down or sitting in a comfortable chair etc.

  • Close your eyes, breath deeply a few times and simply listen how you feel.

  • You can concentrate in noticing sensations in your body, feelings, thoughts, emotions, or simply enjoy the feeling of relaxation.

  • If you fall asleep, it does not matter.

  • After the session, you can write down your thoughts and other observations you noticed. Please also note that you do not have to feel anything special during the session for remote healing to work. Some people are more sensitive than others.

  • Healing session lasts for 20 minutes. 

After the session

You will get email from me with the feelings I had in the session. NOTE (Aug 30th session)! You will get the email on August 31st, due to the limits for email sending by my www site provider! Naturally, due to the large number of participants you won't get a personal message as in personal remote healing sessions, but a more general message channeled during the session.

I will also send you a link to a survey. You can answer right away or any time later. It takes about 5 minutes to answer. 

Thank you in advance for your answers! Your answers will help me a lot to understand the phenomenon of remote healing! 

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