Distant healing


Reiki session can be also distant healing session. After booking time I will send you instructions how to prepare and also pay the session. Session can be done via Skype or without. Sessions done without Skype always include feedback email from me.


Treatment usually last 20 - 30 min, price 30€.


Book your time to Reiki session

Reiki energy healing


Reiki can be used to support healing, easing up pain or simply for your wellbeing, relaxing...


Reiki (in japanese Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho) natural healing method is a method to help your inner development and wellbeing. In Reiki treatment, the healer channels "universal life force energy" (chi, prana...) to healee and energy strenghtens body's own immune system and natural healing process.


I use intuitively also other energy healing modalities besides Reiki. Read more about Bengston method below.


Treatment is usually done on special treatment table or in chair in your normal clothing, and the effect can be felt as warmness or tingling. Sometimes there can be light pain in treated area, that usually goes away rapidly. The feelings felt in treatment does not seem to correlate wth the result, body knows where and how much energy is needed. There has not been noticed any negative effects in Reiki energy treament.  


Treatment usually lasts about 45 min - 1 hour, price 55-65€ (incl. VAT), for animals and children, usually max 30 min. Home visits in Helsinki area +20€, outside Helsinki area: depending on your location.


Reiki treatments for animals


Reiki suits well also for treating animals. Most animals enjoy being treated and also show where they need treatment. Treatment time depends on the case from about ten minutes to half an hour. Treatment can be done also without direct touch, e.g. outside animal cage, aquarium etc.


Price depends on the case and time, usually first visits lasts for an hour..


Reiki courses


Want to learn Reiki yourself from Reiki teacher and physicist? I give Reiki 1 (Reiki basic course), Reiki 2 (Reiki extended course), Reiki 3A and 3B (Reiki master training)  courses, also in English. 


Next courses can be found from Courses&lectures. We can also schedule a date suitable for you or your group.

Varaustoiveesi on lähetetty, vastaan mahdollisimman pian!

Reiki energy healing treatments and hypnosis instructions can be regarded as preventive or complementary and supportive treatment forms, and they do not replace medical treatment. I am not a medical doctor and I do not diagnose, for those I advise you to see doctor. I am always there to support you when you have the diagnosis.

Studies on energy healing


Bengston energy healing studies


William Bengston has been doing research on energy healing for decades and the effectiveness of his method has also been verified in several studies, in total ten studies carried out in five different universities[1-3]. Bengston method is hands-on healing method, i.e. energy healing method where healer places his hands above healee and starts the healing process. In Bengston method, there is entirely own technique how healer continues to keep the emotional feeling , in the same time accelarating his brain activity (cykling method). Using this method, for the first time, mice injected with very lethal cancer form, were cured. When re-injected, the mice did not get the cancer anymore, suggesting that they were produced immunity to this form of cancer.


Bill Bengston has written about his studies and results a book called "The Energy Cure"- Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing.




1. W. Bengston, D. Krinsley, "The Effect of the 'Laying On of Hands' on Transplanted Breast Cancer in Mice," Journal of Scientific Exploration, Fall 2000, vol. 14(3), pp.353-364.

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