Energy work


Energy work, or energy healing, is a technique that enables someone to work with subtle energy (universal life energy, chi, qi, prana, spirit etc.). Typically, energy work is used for the purpose of healing or relaxation. 


Besides Reiki (in japanese Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho), I use intuitively also other energy healing modalities, that I have found effective and useful. In Reiki treatment, the healer channels universal life energy to healee and this strenghtens body's own immune system and natural healing process. Reiki, as well as many other energy healing methods can be given both locally or remotely.


The effects of energy healing have been demonstrated in scientific research, even though there are only a few studies of a high enough quality. It has already been noted that energy healing relaxes the body, relieves pain in different acute and chronic pains, lifts spirits and relieves anxiety. 

Book a time for remote healing

In my remote energy healing sessions you will receive energy in the comfort of your own home.

Sessions can be done on adults, children, animals, and situations.

Book an appointment below by selecting either 1x or 3x sessions, continuous, weekly treatments or fill out the contact form for more information. 

Remote Energy healing session 1x


  • email consultation

  • 20 min energy healing session

  • written energetic report about the session

  • optional post-session questions and brief follow-up

50 €

Remote Energy healing session 3x

Includes 3x:

  • email consultation

  • 20 min energy healing session

  • written energetic report about the session

  • optional post-session questions and brief follow-up

130 €

Group Remote Healing sessions

Join remote healing session with hundreds of others and help me to understand remote healing better. There are sessions free of charge, some extra sessions have a small (5€) fee.


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