What is the “energy” transmitted in energy healing? 

What can science say about energy healing?

Doesn’t modern science rule out phenomena like this?

Does energy healing work and, if so, how?


This is a lecture based on Johanna's first book "From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing - A Physicist's Journey to Mind and Healing.


After getting to know about energy healing, Johanna Blomqvist, Ph.D. in physics, wanted to find answers to these questions. This lecture looks at the research that has been carried out, quantum physics, as well as the mind and consciousness. Johanna tells about energy healing, her observations and surprising experiences.

What can we learn from this?


SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY - From confrontation to a united worldview (1-2h)

With the advent of quantum physics, revolutionary ideas were presented that questioned the ability of the materialistic worldview to describe our world. There are a growing number of anomalies, observations and experimental results, that doesn't fit into the prevailing materialistic model of the world. Such phenomena like remote viewing, telepathy, and ESP have typically been denied by the scientific community. Common to these phenomena is the significance of the mind in forming of these phenomena. The importance of bringing mind and consciousness back to essential parts of science has been already noted.

The worldview that connects both science and spirituality is possible and also necessary to be able to understand the world and its phenomena. The consciousness is in a significant role connecting science and spirituality.


In this lecture, Johanna describes consciousness in different worldviews and ends up to a model connecting science and spirituality.


CHANGING THE WAY WE THINK - How to ease up changes of your life (1-2h)
"The only thing that is constant is change. Change is an opportunity to grow."
Life is full of changes - both in work and personal life. Changes that we face are not always so pleasant and wanted. However, all the changes we experience help us in personal development. Change can be a possibility to grow and find something new and better. Lecture helps you to find new perspectives and points where to shift your attention. You receive many useful exercises. Some topics of the lecture are also mindfulness, conscious and unconscious mind, relaxation and hypnosis.

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION - Introduction to Mindfulness (1-2h)
"Break free from the patterns that bind you "
Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment with intention, without judging. Mindfulness skills means training, understanding and learning of this. Mindfulness is wellbeing and also tools to confront also difficult situations and find new kinds of resources inside you. Mindfulness is also the most extensively studied method related to mind currently available. Studies can give us important information about the effects of mindfulness but also how, when etc practice mindfulness meditation. 


REALITY AND WELLBEING - Do we create our reality? (1-2h)

"Reality is only an illusion, though a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein"

It is many times said, that you create with your thoughts your own reality. Does this has any scientific background, and if there is, how can this be done in practice? The answer may come from a surprising field, from quantum physics. It is strongly experimentally tested area, and can give answers about the nature of the reality.

Creating your own wellbeing and goals may need that you objective observe your view on reality.


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