About Johanna Blomqvist

Johanna Blomqvist, Ph.D. is a physicist, author, speaker, Reiki master teacher, energy healer and hypnosis practitioner. 


She is on a mission to combine science and spirituality and help people move ”beyond materialism”. She encourages everyone to challenge their worldview whether it is by energy healing method or something else.

Astonishing accounts of healings omitted by mainstream media led her to a journey that is still continuing. In her book "From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing - A Physicist's Journey to Mind and Healing", she tells about her path to energy healing and her own extraordinary experiences. The obvious question was how to fit these experiences to the scientific model she had learned.


Mind, consciousness, intuition


Hypnosis and healing


Reiki, energy healing and science

Meditation, mindfulness, relaxation





University of Helsinki/Department of Physics

Ph.D. in physics


University of Helsinki / Deparment of Educational Studies

Separate teacher´s pedagogical studies (adult education)


Aalto University / School of Business, Small Business Center

Special studies for development managers


Several trainings and courses, e.g Hypnosis practioner (SHY 2014), Reiki master (Somsola 2011-2013), QHHT practioner (2014-2015), Mindful coaching (Innotiimi 2013), Change agent (Laatukeskus 2010), several management courses (Mercuri)